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1Which is the flying mammal?

Right Answer: 3
Bats are the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight. Their for limbs adapted as wings.
Question ID: 405

2Ravi Kumar Dahiya won Silver Medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020. He is associated with which of the following events?
Javelin Throw
Wrestling (57 KG)

Right Answer: 4
Ravi Kumar Dahiya, also known as Ravi Kumar, is an Indian freestyle wrestler who won a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the 57 kg category. He is also a bronze medalist from 2019 World Wrestling Championships and a two-time Asian champion.
Question ID: 13

3Who scored highest runs in test cricket career?
Rahul Dravid
Jacques Kallis
Ricky Ponting
Sachin Tendulkar

Right Answer: 4
Sachin Tendulkar 15,921 runs, Ricky Ponting 13,378 runs, Jacques Kallis 13,289 runs, Rahul Dravid 13,288 runs.
Question ID: 454

4Who is present External Affairs Minister?
Amit Shah
Muralidharan V
Dr. S. Jaishankar
Rajnath Singh

Right Answer: 3
Earlier Dr S Jaishankar was President – Global Corporate Affairs at Tata Sons Private Limited from May 2018.
Question ID: 626

5Where did, Union Minister for Home, Amit Shah inaugurate the NATGRID campus on 3-05-2022?
New Delhi

Right Answer: 3
Union Minister for Home and Cooperation Amit Shah inaugurated the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) campus in Bengaluru on 3-05-2022.
Question ID: 680

6When is National Flag Day observed?
December 7
July 22
November 5
September 1

Right Answer: 2
The Flag Adoption Day is marked to celebrate the adoption of the Tricolour on July 22, 1947, as India's national flag.
Question ID: 280

7When did the Government of India set up Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) by issuing oridinance?
February 2, 1975
August 15, 1976
October 2, 1975
September 26, 1976

Right Answer: 3
The Government of India set up Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) on October 2, 1975 by issuing oridinance. Later RRB act 1976 was passed by parliament on 26-09-1976.
Question ID: 110

8Recently, prominent sports person Shane Warne was died of heart attack. Which sports was he associated with?

Right Answer: 2
Shane Keith Warne was an Australian cricketer. A right-arm leg spinner, he is widely considered as one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history, and in 2000.
Question ID: 593

9What is related with mission Indradhanush?
Children's immunization
Children's education
Mother's health
Mother's welfare

Right Answer: 1
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) on 25th December 2014 with the aim of expanding immunization coverage to all children across India. Children across socio-economic, cultural and geographical spectrums in India, are being immunized under this program.
Question ID: 646

10Which of the following is the largest mobile network in the world?
America Movil
China Mobile

Right Answer: 4
China Mobile with 851.2 million subscribers. Followed by Vodafone, Airtel, America Movil.
Question ID: 375

11Who first climbed the Mount Everest?
Edmund Hillary and John Hunt
Tenzing Norgay and George Mallory
Nawang Gombu
Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

Right Answer: 4
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest on 29 May 1953.
Question ID: 331

12Which of the following is the highest honour among Padma Awards?
Padma Shri
Padma Bhushan
Padma Vibhushan

Right Answer: 3
Padma award is given in three categories: Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, in decreasing order of importance.
Question ID: 548

13Where is the book Guinness World Records published?
Paris, France
London, UK
Ottawa, Canada
Dallas, USA

Right Answer: 2
Guinness Book of Records has it's office at 107 Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom. The first book was published on 27 August, 1955.
Question ID: 404

14Which of the following day is observed as world diabetes day?
4th July
12th August
13 October
14th November

Right Answer: 4
It was the birth day of Professor Frederick Grant Banting. He was the co-discoverer of insulin. He received Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1923.
Question ID: 296

15Which of the following statement is false?
Rupay Debit cards, prepaid cards are accepted at POS
Rupay Cards are accepted at ATMs and Mini ATMs
Rupay Cards are accepted for E.Commerce
Rupay Cards are expensive

Right Answer: 4
RuPay is the Indian domestic card payment network being set up by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at the behest of banks in India. Rupay reduces overall transaction cost for the banks in India by introducing competition to international card
Question ID: 136

16Who wrote the book Mother India?
Mahathma Gandhi
Sister Nivedhita
Ketharine Meyo
C. Rajagopala Chary

Right Answer: 3
The book Mother India was written by Katherine Mayo (27 January 1867 9 October 1940) was an American writer. She attacked the Hindu society, religion and Culture of India.
Question ID: 163

17Which of the following is associated with Theory of Big bang?
Earth Quakes
Hari Canes

Right Answer: 3
The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with an infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity, then inflated
Question ID: 87

18Which of the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency by electorals?

Right Answer: 4
As of 2019, Malkajgiri in Telangana, is the largest Lok Sabha constituency by number of electors with 31,50,303.
Question ID: 451

19Who is author of the book Meghadoot?
Bammera Pothana

Right Answer: 1
Meghadoota is a lyric poem written by Kalidasa (4th-5th century CE) was a Classical Sanskrit author. It describes how a yaksa, who had been banished by his master to a remote region for a year, asked a cloud to take a message of love to his wife.
Question ID: 159

20Who is known as father of Guinness World Records?
Sir Hugh Beaver
Norris MCWhirter
Ross McWhirter
Jim Pattinson

Right Answer: 1
It is the brainchild of Sir Hugh Beaver, the book was co-founded by twin brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter in Fleet Street, London, in August 1955.
Question ID: 403

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